From dancers for dancers – once more

I have the feeling that musicians who dance play dance music in a special way. They almost always meet the dancer’s desire, they play the beat dancers expect.This seems to be true again in the case of Jumpin’ Joz, leader, drummer, singer, and arranger of the <strong>Jumpin’ Joz Band</strong>. And what is more, he is a swing dancer and teacher as well. This might be the reason for this band’s down to earth sound, pushing you on the dance floor. The <em>One O’Clock Jump</em> for example from the album <em>Swing Dance Party</em> sounds fresh and clear with a tremendous swing beat.To learn more about them see <em><a href=””></a></em>.Is is said that they not only have a great, swingin’ sound but also and great show. Unfortunately their home is Southern California. So, all of you who happen to live in Zurich can listen and dance totheir music from CD at SwingFLOOR at Silbando. But I am sure, even this way, you’ll be enthusiastic as I am.Swinging regardsDJ SoundScout

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