Powerhouse show

A live appearance of <strong>The Lunceford Orchestra</strong> would be a remarkable event today! The musicians dressed in different uniforms for each show and the sections performed a choreography: trumpets showed skywards – saxophones swayed – trombones rotated in circles. Nowadays, this bigband, sometimes labelled powerhouse, is only available on photographs or MP3.

Above all it was an excellent bigband with its peak years between 1934 and 1942. In the first semester of 1934 they had a successful stay at the Cotton Club. Until the end of the 30ies they became as successful and wellknown as Count Basie or Duke Ellington. With Jimmy Lunceford’s death in 1947 the band dissolved.

With <em>Blues at Night</em> they achieved a big hit. No need to especially mention <em>Posin'</em> or <em>Tain’t what you do</em>. What I like in particular in these Balboa infected days after Balboa at the Promenade are <em>Rhythm Is Our Business</em> and <em>My Blue Heaven</em>.

Swinging regards,

DJ SoundScout

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