Blue Drag

When I had the pleasure to DJ during the Balboa week of this year’s Studio Hop Summer Camp in Eauze (France) it was interesting for me to learn, which songs attracted people most. One of them was Blue Drag from Washboard Rhythm Kings. The song is relatively slow so that it is easy to dance to it and enjoy if you want the nicely composed, slowly flowing sad mood. Another much younger version recorded in 2002 I like very much stems from the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, a six piece swing band. This version sounds a tick less sadly but has excellent trombone and saxophone solos, interesting to dance to.I like both very much and would like to repeately play them…not a good idea for DJs to play only their favorites…but twice during a long dance night might be acceptable…if it remains an exception…
Swinging regards DJ SoundScout

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