Electro Swing – stay tuned

End of October Electro Swing Vol 3 was launched, with a big Balswing party in Paris: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?206860The new CD contains well know interprets as Caravan Palace, Chinese Man, Parvo Stelar, The Movits. I like very much a remix from Artie Shaw’s Prosschai and Movits’ Fel del Av Garden. But also Cheek to Cheek from DJ Disse & Betina Bager. Early November, the first time I tried a remix from Beatlord R. with Harry Parry’s Bounce Me Brother With A Solid Four. It is a first sort of ‘homemade’ mix. The original is a gorgeous Balboa piece, dancers at the Studio Hop Summer Camp liked very much. The remix is underlined with a trip hop beat and various samples. People on Silbando’s dancefloor were quiet fond of the merged product. So I am sure I will soon present more remixes from Beatlord R (alias David Rappl, for more music from him send him a message at david.rappl@hispeed.ch). 20 November, Saturday morning 6am (!), finally BBC’s Rob da Bank broadcasted its Electro Swing Special with The Movits, The Correspondents and others. For those of you who prefer to sleep a bit longer, you can listen to that 2 hour program the whole next week until 26 November: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wknd. Swinging regardsDJ SoundScout

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