Nina’s dance journey began a few years ago with jazz dance and rock n’roll. When she saw a show performance of “Hellzapoppin’ Disaster” at the Polyball, she immediately felt an enormous desire to express her joie de vivre through her body.

The Lindy Hop fever gripped her and she was able to convince her good friend Luciano to attend a dance class with her. There it quickly became clear that this dance opened the door to a new world.

Since then, Nina has regularly appeared on the dance floors of Zurich, at international workshops such as Swingala, University of Swing, Sweet Ljubljana Swing Festival and of course in Herräng. She is looking for inspiration and can fully live out her joy of life and dance in Lindy Hop.

For several years now, Nina has been part of the Zurich show group “Hellzapoppin’ Disaster” and performs regularly. Learning the choreographies and of course the aerials give her great pleasure.