Mimi’s fascination with dance began on a winter night in 2009. With Alex, she visited a student fraternity for her 20th anniversary. After she danced to swing music that night, I fell madly in love with Lindy Hop. A year later, Mimi visited the Herräng Dance Camp for the first time and realised how lucky the dance brought to everyone around her. So her feet kept moving.

Mimi is always fascinated by how free she feels when her body moves to swing music and how every dance is unique and full of tension. Everyone has their own character and their way of expressing their feelings through the music. The joy of Lindy Hop is truly unique and the freedom of improvising and fooling around with a big smile on your face is the most amazing thing dancing can give us.

Frankie Manning once said the most unique and truthful thing about Lindy Hop: “It didn’t matter if you were white, black, green, whatever, as long as you could dance.” Everyone is equal and free to feel what they hear in the music when dancing – and that’s why Mimi loves Lindy Hop so much and wants to share this crazy dance with everyone.