Started dancing at the age of 14, took lessons in standard dances with a girl to whom he did not dare to say no. Afterwards he danced Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie (Crazy Shakers), Jazz Dance (Incognito), Tap, Argentine Tango and Salsa.

In 1992 he visited the Herräng Dance Camp for the first time, where he was seized by the joy of Lindy Hop. Since then, Lorenz has organized and taught courses and workshops in Zurich as well as in some major cities in Europe (Paris, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Gothenburg, Nancy, Herrang etc.) and overseas (e.g. at SwingCity Melbourne 2004). From beginner to professional. He has participated in projects at the Zurich Opera and Schauspielhaus, television and the film business as a choreographer and dancer. He also directs and organizes his own show dance company Hellzapoppin’ Disaster.

In the summer of 2001, he designed the concept for a new international festival called Swing City and organized it in Zurich. Over 30 different events took place as part of this festival, concerts, dance performances, films, public crash courses, workshops, etc. The opening night attracted over 12,000 people.

After a successful start, this concept then went on a world tour and has been a guest in Stockholm in 2002, Harlem (New York) in 2003 and Melbourne in 2004. Since 2002 Lorenz is also part of the organization of the Herräng Dance Camp.

Lorenz is also a well-known DJ and MC for swing parties. He teaches all over Europe, from children, amateurs to professionals, and is in high demand as he will share more than just steps with his students. Multilingual and slightly crazy, he lets you share his passion for Lindy Hop!