The Classic Swing Lover

When preparing my playlist for the next swing dance party I stompled over <strong>Indigo Swing</strong>. From the so called swing revival area in the late 1990ies until today Indigo Swing didn’t lose their charme. <strong>Johnny “The Swing Lover” Boyd</strong> founded the band in 1994 in San Francisco. After starting in Northern California the band toured around America. Finally they performed all around the world as headliners and as opener for The Brian Setzer Orchestra. In 1998 its debut album <em>All Aboard!</em> was released. It starts with the breathtaking tempo of <em>The Indigo Swing</em>. A nice and smooth piece then <em>How Lucky Can One Guy Be</em>, speedy again <em>Hot in Harlem</em>.And when you read the newspapers these days you might like <em>Regular Joe</em>:…<em>Well, the world today is like a left hook sucker punchRevolutions rise and Wall Street diesBut I’m wonderin’ what I’ll have for lunch</em>….Although Indigo Swing dissolved years ago it became a constant part in swing dance parties and continues until today to gain fans.These and other tunes I will turn for you on Saturday, 15 May, on SwingFLOOR @ SilbandoSwinging regardsDJ SoundScout

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